Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ghosting a machine in OS X tiger

Well i have no pics to post about this entry..But today i tried to install a fresh version of os x on a tower g5 dual processor but couldnt because the disk i have of os x is not compatable with the tower.. go figure.. after trying numerous things wiping the disks running disk utility trying to reseI t the password.. none of which were gettting me anywhere.. SO i thoughI have heard you can install a disk image on a firewire drive and boot any machine up with your apps and prefrences but i had never done it
So first i put in the os x disk i had that wouldnt work
it did however allow me to run disk utility so i wiped the drives
and repartitioned the drive..
I then restarted my ibook in firewire mode
plugged it in firewire and opened disk utility again.
my drives showed up in disk utility as well as the ones in the tower

So I then restored the ibook onto the towers osx drive and waited
about 30 minutes and then unpluged ibook and rebooted tower
A small wait with folderblinking withfinder thing and then the wonderous
apple and the spinning thing under it..
Unbelievable it was booting something.. a little longer and
amazing my exact desktop and configuration apps and all
there it was on the tower all of it intact and running amazing
it worked and i totally learned something new it felt awsome getting
that to work i know it sounds real weird but anyway it was a big deal to me


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