Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Mechanized Violin revisits a previous body of work that used existing instruments and other everyday objects such as bottles and sticks to create mechanized sound objects.. I was invited by the Portland Museum of Art to create a work using some retired violins they had laying around. I requested two violins and recieved both in working order strings intact and bows with horse hair. I am not interested in creating a precise action or sound but a flawed somewhat erratic sound and behavior. The space around the chair and the power cord are all considered valuable in communicating what I believe.
A single selenoid pulls a lever that holds the violin bow on the strings creating an erratic tone and pause. I plan to create an interface using a microcontroller to move the selenoid according to a predetermined structured beat. The microcontroller will allow for a more sofisticated level of automation.

Crispin Webb


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