Friday, May 13, 2005


Picture 4
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A revisiting of the catching lead piece by Richard Sierra. I saw this piece in columbus this year and had been inamored by it for some time.. I had previously tried to reproduce it but was not pleased with the results.. SO here is my finished result..


Picture 3
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Another old post of how to make music.. I loved the mundane simplicity of this action.. I am not a musician but love to make sound.. I have always loved to make big sounds. When i was a kid people would leave and I would yell and scream and make sound just because.. I find myself still doing this when I am alone in my studio.. where no one can hear me.. its a sort of freedom or something...


Picture 2
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A shoe drop video.. basically
this is a video really low compression
i know but one of the first streaming
videos i did last summer.. I kinda liked
the pixelation of the video.. I was doing
a lot of these simple action performances.
I liked the simplicity of the actions..
documenting them seemed kind of
mundane but worth adressing
and documenting..