Thursday, September 01, 2005

I finally finished my wall in the studio

Here are a few pictures of my studio wall.. I have been working on this since i got back from bard. I was wanting to build this all summer and actually ever since we moved in to the factory. I need limits to my space. It was just too vast for me to deal with mentally and i need to own a space know that it is mine. to have a marked territory. I know it sounds pretty primal like the lions or something but its how I am.. the older i get the stronger it gets. It must sound weird that it took almost a month to build but its over 30 ft by 30 ft.. with two doors and it was made all with found materials i made some of the 2 by fours most of them and searched for a long time to ge tall the sheetrock and plywood.. I wanted to buy the materials at first but realized i didnt have the funds to do this so i just did what i knew searched, prayed and made it happen..
This wall has really transformed my space. I am now in the process of emptying my space of all the stuff i dont want to deal with right now to kinda start over fresh..


I would like to create a somewhat more simplified stencil of the above image. I was thinking what would be the best material. Velum or some sort of thin plastic would work great cardboard or mabey wood but i would loose detail. I was thinking if i had a small drill cutting blade like a dremil i could cut into a piece of luan very easily. and get a fair amount of detail. I will most likely make it with cardboard.. Make a few shirts and stencil a bunch of stuff..